As a young dentist my experience with esthetic composites was very limited. Dr. Chan's course was exactly what I needed at this point in my career! His didactic and one on one hands on teaching style guided me during the two day course and at the end of it I felt I had the tools and guidance needed to start doing these in the office the next day! Dr. Chan is extremely generous in the advise that he gives, never holding anything back and showing you exactly how you can replicate his stunning results. Furthermore both Dr. Chan and his lovely wife are so kind and welcoming, it was truly a great atmosphere to learn. I would highly recommend his course to others looking to excel and master anterior composites!

Thank you,
Serena, Ontario, Canada


 "Dr. Chan's Anterior composite course is the best course I have ever attended.  The course does not disappoint.  You will learn all the things detailed in the course description plus many more useful nuggets you can implement in your office the next week.  The teaching center is top notch and Dr. Chan's team will treat you like a celebrity - coordinating rides, providing refreshments, catering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The one on one attention you receive from Dr. Chan is unreal - he will walk you through his technique and make sure you don't leave until you have a good understanding of the principles and also the application of the techniques learned.  I was excited about going back to work and start using these new learned skills on my patients.  There is a great balance between the lecture material and practical side of the course.  I have already recommended this course to many of my colleagues who are interested in cosmetic bonding and beyond.  If you're thinking about attending - just do it and go, you will not be disappointed!"

S. Mehta, DMD, TX


 Fantastic composite hands-on workshop with Dr. Chan. This course will definitely help any dentist improve their cosmetic dentistry skills using composite. This course will also help any future cosmetic dentist succeed in their journey in obtaining the AACD Accreditation for composite cases. A "must take" course for the inspiring cosmetic dentist. BTW, the food was excellent!

B. Villadiego, DDS, CA



 I attended the Center for Dental Artistry and Dr. David Chan's anterior  composite course in March, and the course was excellent.  After graduating from  the Kois Center and working on becoming a mentor spring of 2018, I enjoyed how  his concepts and thinking are complementary to the Kois Center ideology.  The  hands-on and one-on-one attention that you receive from Dr. Chan is incredible.   He provides an unbiased view of the composite systems on the market, and teaches  a framework for thinking about rebuilding teeth with whatever systems you  choose.  You will not leave the room at the end of the course without feeling  satisfied that you have a grasp on the information to use the next business  day.  In fact, he will not let you go until he is satisfied that you  understand!  In just 3 weeks, I have reached out to him about my use of the  techniques, instrumentation, and composites.  I was able to implement ALL the  information with little investment and easily put together a grouping of  materials for an armamentarium that included brushes, hand instruments, silicon  tips, and three different brands of composite, tints, opaquers.  He has been an  absolute pleasure to work with and I appreciate the time he has taken to mentor  me through this journey.
I highly recommend the Center for Dental Artistry, and Dr. David  Chan.

R. Chiang, DDS, WA


 "David's hands-on composite course was excellent.  The anterior course covered a variety of topics that deals with cosmetic dentistry and everyday challenges such as closing a diastema and gingival embrasure with conservative approach and predictable outcome.  The facility and accommodations are phenomenal!  David is personable and very interactive throughout the course.  His background as a Kois Center mentor and AACD accreditation board member is a just a "testament to his passion for esthetic excellence.  Highly recommended!"

B. Wang, DMD, OR


 This hands-on program is very interactive. David goes into details that make sense and practical for Monday morning at the office. Really opens my eyes what is possible with composites.

G. Jones, DDS, TX